Artery Gear: Fusion

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Video game publisher Bilibili HK Limited has released Artery Gear, a 2D turn-based RPG that relies on strategy. More than any other gacha game, this one is free to play and has a distinct aesthetic.

Gameplay and Narrative

The game's primary goal is to protect Earth from Puppets, alien entities that want to exterminate humanity. A group of female fighters called Artery Gear serves to protect the world (AG). These young women defend the globe by taking personal risks. 

You are responsible for training these Meca girls because you are the commander of this AG unit. Assemble a squad of Meca heroines to take on the deadly "Puppets" that are devouring the planet. Think through skill combinations and enjoy the thrill of tactical warfare. You'll be battling with more than 100 stunning Meca girls, each with unique abilities.

High-Standard Graphics and Sound

The high-standard team's superb artistry that liberated the characters' charm captured a real sense of the end-of-the-world fight. You may take pleasure in an unparalleled visual and auditory feast that features outstanding skill special effects, potent animations, beautifully produced character portraits, and expansive and elegant fight sequences. LDPlayer will improve these characteristics ten times more than any other mobile device would.

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