Tower of Fantasy Codes August 2022


Tower of Fantasy has always been a comforting and interesting gaming point for all the MMORPG game lovers, and this game which has been modified and well created with gorgeous anime is always the best to choose for you. The sci-fi elements which have been grabbed with so many beautiful features have always inspired the players to rank more and more, and when they rank higher, they need more support for the gameplay. This essential support will be given from some resources, items, and materials, and you will earn them by the Tower of Fantasy codes.






Tower of Fantasy is coming along with so many plot twists as we mentioned before. The beasts you will encounter in this game are not going to be friendly and say hi to you. You always need to cover them up with the best weapons and the strategies you have. So if you are struggling to move forward in this kind of situation, it is always best to have some rewards with essential items. And the Tower of Fantasy codes can facilitate a better starting point here.


So every code we have listed in this guide is made to enhance your gaming experience, and know that they all come with free items for you. These are the offers that the Tower has made of Fantasy developers to ease their gameplay a bit for the players, and the freebies you earned here, can turn out to be the primary factor in your winning as well. Who knows? Check out on your own through this Tower of Fantasy codes guide.


Active Tower of Fantasy Codes


  • TOFNEMESISTH - 1x Gold Nucleus and 5x Elemental ore box
  • ILOVETOF – earn free rewards through this code
  • TOF666earn free rewards through this code
  • TOF888earn free rewards through this code


Expired Codes 

  • huanta666 – earn free rewards through this code
  • ht888 – earn free rewards through this code
  • huanta520 – earn free rewards through this code
  • huanta888 – earn free rewards through this code
  • ht666 – earn free rewards through this code
  • YL666 – earn free rewards through this code
  • ht520 – earn free rewards through this code
  • YL999 – earn free rewards through this code
  • YL777 – earn free rewards through this code



Please note that none of these codes are going to work if you type them wrong with a single mistake for their characters, numbers, and so on because you need to type them just the way you see them from this list. Next, pay attention to their dates. Usually, these codes come along with a short life span, and they will expire very soon before you even think. So be quick to redeem them before the code becomes useless for you.


How to Redeem Your Tower of Fantasy Codes? 

It is not that hard to redeem these codes, and every player can understand them easily. The first thing is if you want to redeem these codes, then the first thing that you can do is finish with the game’s tutorial. After you manage to complete this tutorial, you can proceed to the button of present/gift, and it will open a new screen after tapping.


From here, you need to click the option for redeeming a gift code and then enter one of the codes we have mentioned in this guide. Or try copying from this list to avoid typo errors. That will make your way to earning your rewards.



How to Have More Codes from Tower of Fantasy?

Usually, from time to time, the developers of this game will release codes that will help players to proceed with their gameplay, and you can have a check on them through their official website, Twitter page, Facebook, and official Discord from the Reddit channel as well. Moreover, we recommend you go through this guide because we are updating this guide with the newly updated codes as well.


Can We Play Tower of Fantasy from PC?

Yes, why not. You only need this best free emulator: LDPlayer, in this matter, and you are all set to have the best gaming experience with the most advanced settings for Tower of Fantasy. You can choose either the 32 or 64-bit version of LDPlayer here, and steps towards your advanced gaming will be flown as follows.


  • Install your best emulator: LDPlayer
  • Go to the LD Store, which acts as the app store for this, where it features many android apps on it
  • Search the Tower of Fantasy game
  • Install and enjoy the gaming. 




And that is all we have to bring today with Tower of Fantasy codes, and the invitation is here for you to have the best gaming with freebies. Have your best free rewards in time with the best codes, and do it quickly before you regret your lateness.

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